Carrier Grade Linux(CGL) for ARM/XScale based system

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LKCD/LCrash for ARM (R)/XScale (TM)

The LKCD project( provides Linux a reliable method of detecting, saving, analyzing system crashes. With the kernel patch LKCD provided and user space utilities(lcrash and lkcd_config), LKCD can:
        Dump kernel images when the system crashes
        Analyze the dumpped image to find out what happed when the system crashes.
With the latest LKCD, the dump image can be stored to network server as well as swap partition. The latter needs to get it saved to ordinary file when the system is rebooted.

Before xcgl-port project began, LKCD only supports ia32, ia64, alpha, s390 and s390x platform. As part of xcgl-port effort, LKCD for ARM/XScale support has been developped.

Please be noticed that at most of the situation, ARM (R)/XScale (TM) processor is used for embedded system and there is no swap partition or even disk for embedded system, network dump method is recommanded when configuring LKCD.

The latest LKCD(2.5) and LKCDUTILS(4.2) is still under-developing and it is based on 2.5 kernel. LKCD for ARM/XScale support should be merged into the source tree when it is released. Here, a back port of whole latest LKCD to 2.4 kernel as well as ARM/XScale support patch will be provided.

For how to use the LKCD, please refer to the README file.

Also please be noticed that to build lcrash, libopcodes, libbfd and libibperty with arm architecture support should provided.

All works have been merged into LKCD 4.2, you could get it from LKCD project. And you could get the kernel patch from LKCD CVS.

For more information about LKCD please go to the LKCD home page.

LKCD Kernel Patch(Against 2.4.19)

Lkcdutils patch

Netdump patch

Lkcdutils configuring script patch

Contactor: Fleming Feng