Carrier Grade Linux(CGL) for ARM/XScale based system

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KDB (Built-in Kernel Debugger) for XScale(TM):

XScale(TM) KDB is part of the linux kernel and provides a means of examining kernel memory and data structures while the system is operational. It allows complete control of kernel operations including single-stepping a processor, stopping upon execution of a specific instruction, stopping upon read/write/both of a specific virtual memory location, reading/modifying all XScale(TM) coprocessor registers, stack tracebacks for the current active task as well as for all other tasks (by process id), instruction disassembly, et. al.

The Xscale(TM) patch is based on the latest common KDB patch from SGI (, both little endian and big endian are well supported. To use the kernel debugger, download and unzip both the common and Xscale(TM) patch and apply the patches as normal to your linux source tree.

$ cd linux

$ patch -p1 < kdb-v4.2-2.4.20-common-1 (apply the V4.2 common patch for linux kernel 2.4.20)

$ patch -p1 < kdb-v4.2-2.4.20-xscale-com-u2 (apply the update of common patch for XScale(TM))

$ patch -p1 < kdb-v4.2-2.4.20-xscale-2 (apply the XScale(TM) KDB patch)

$ make *config

Configure the new kernel ensuring that the CONFIG_KDB configuration option is enabled, and CONFIG_FRAME_POINTER is recommended for better debugging, although that option uses an extra register and generates slightly slower kernel code.

Contactor: Eddie Dong