Carrier Grade Linux(CGL) for ARM/XScale based system

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This module supports systems that act as mobile devices or that support mobile terminals and hence require Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), Mobile IPv6 (Mipv6) and IPv6 security (IPSecv6) support. The standard Linux distribution has an experimental version of an IPv6 implementation on both the kernel side and the user side. However, this implementation may not be sufficient in many cases; for example, it has not kept consistent with evolving IPv6 RFCs and numerous functions are missing.

The open source USAGI (UniverSAl playGround for Ipv6) project is implementing the IPv6/IPsecv6. Please refer to And the open source MIPL is an implementation of Mipv6, We have ported the two implementation from USAGI and MIPL onto XScale(TM) platform. And the ported result has been tested with TAHI ( test suite.

Contactor: Ardelle Fan